Dave’s interest in the outdoors started way back in his Boy Scout years, and later he joined the Border Outdoor Adventure Association, the hiking club for East London’s families & singles. He became a Committee member and advises landowners on trail development.

Meeting like-minded hikers, he led hikes around SA and backpacked through Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Congo (Congo River Adventure). He also visited the gorillas in Uganda and climbed the ‘Mountain Of The Moon’.

He was invited to join the award winning Strandloper Eco Tourism Board in 1999, as Projects Director and Deputy Chair.

Having moved from East London to Kleinemonde in January 2008 he saw the opportunity to start a canoe trail on the Kleinemonde West River. The canoe trail was established in October 2008. Knowing that hikers are always looking for new hiking trails along the coast, with the help of Brendan Walker, he approached the landowners with the idea of a coastal trail. With the landowners on board, the first group of 7 hikers started on the 22nd December 2009. Each landowner has a unique hut and setting, which makes this a very interesting coastal and inland trail.